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Natural Arthritis Supplements – An Indepth Provailen Review

What is Provailen?

Arthritis SupplementsProvailen is a natural arthritis supplement and an extremely effective joint pain and inflammation relief product.
Provailen is an arthritis over the counter medication, and unlike typical pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, it is made of all natural ingredients and DOES NOT CONTAIN any harsh chemicals that could damage your internal organs and your overall health.

Provailen can free you of pain and get you back to your healthy and active life again.

This site is an in-depth and independent review of Provailen. You will find a wealth of relevant information here, and before you leave this page, make sure you read and comprehend all of the info…

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Here is what you will find in this review:

Before reading further, here is something I want to let you know

  • All of the information and advice you will find here are result of my own experience, my research and consultation with specialists, but I am not a doctor or medical practitioner.
  • My personal extraordinary experience with Provailen inspired me to make this website and I hope it will help you to find the right information in making your decision to try this product. -I’ll write more about my experience with Provailen later in this review.

Introduction – What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is inflammation of one or more joints. It can be caused by several factors including bacteria or virus infection, an autoimmune disease or broken bone. As a result, flow of fluid into the joint slows down, cartilage, ligaments and tendons in the joints become brittle and dry and lose elasticity and eventually the joints lose their smooth functioning leaving the bones unprotected.

Are there any effective arthritis supplements?

If you are looking for arthritis supplements, you have probably found that there are so many different remedies available on the market today. People who suffer from arthritis try a variety of methods to ease their pain. Often they turn to prescription medications, but that just cannot really give them long relief.

Furthermore, prescription arthritis medication can have some nasty side effects, especially when taken long term. These pain-relievers are known to harm our organs eventually, most especially our kidneys and livers, and we all know that could be very dangerous.

People have been suffering from arthritis for thousands of years and until now science still has not found a permanent cure to this very painful discomfort.

Or so we thought…

What Can Provailen DO FOR YOU? The main benefits.

Provailen can relieve your excruciating pain naturally, efficiently and without nasty side effects of other prescription or non-prescription arthritis supplements. It…

  • Relieves Pain
  • Reduces Stiffness
  • Reduces Inflammation and Swelling
  • Increase The Flexibility of Your Joints


Not only will Provailen relieve the pain and discomfort, but it will also allow you to finally have a good night rest due to being painless and comfortable from using the medication.


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OK, but how is Provailen different from other arthritis supplements?

  • Provailen is an all natural dietary supplement, 100% organic product with no additives, fillers or artificial taste added
    It is completely safe and doesn’t have any risk of long-term side effects or drug interactions. Also, it is safe for both genders and for people of almost any age.
  • Compared to other medical arthritis supplements, Provailen is inexpensive and affordable.
  • Provailen is very open about all of the included ingredients.
  • Backed by its full money back guarantee.

…and probably the most important point:

  • Provailen treats the cause, not just the symptoms!

One of the main problems that are known to happen with most prescription or non-prescription arthritis supplements is that they only provide symptomatic relief; meaning that it rarely provides a solution for the cause of the problem. It simply pacifies the problem by taking care of the symptoms instead of relieving you from the root of the arthritis pains.

On the other hand, potent herbal ingredients of Provailen are absorbed through synovial joint membranes deeply into your cartilages and joints, as well as into tendons and adjacent bones.

In this way Provailen address the root of the disease and pain, ensuring sustainability of the results, rather than only controlling symptoms.

  • One Natural Remedy for All forms of Arthritis

In fact, there are no other arthritis supplements that can provide all of the benefits that Provailen does. Not only you can get rapid pain relief and reduced inflammation in osteo- and rhematoid arthritis – Provailen is also very effective in easing symptoms of gout.

Provailen is an arthritis over the counter medication that can provide you great help in the fight against joint diseases, without nasty side effects of other medications. Its natural ingredients are effective in treating pain, stiffness and inflammation of all kinds of arthritis regardless of whether it is rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or gout.

  • Benefits for overall health

Due to the fact that it is rich in herbal vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory essences, Provailen provides you with a power of its herbal ingredients and enhances your immune system.
This arthritis over the counter medication also improves your sleep, enhances your nervous system function, increase your energy and gives you positive effects on your health in general.

What is Provailen made of and how does it actually work?

The best way to understand how Provailen works and all of its benefits, is to know what is Provailen made of and mode of action of each of its ingredients.

Provailen is composed of three herbal compounds that help alleviate the pain and stiffness of arthritis and give people back the functionality of their joints.

1. The first compound is extract of Reishi mushroom

arthritis otc medications - ReishiReishi (also known as Ganoderma or Ling Zhi), is special mushroom with numerous healing qualities. It is a natural pain killer, strong anti-inflammatory herb and a powerful antioxidant, rated 7 times more potent than Ginseng.
Traditional Chinese Medicine has used Reishi for more than 4,000 years for prevention and treatment of not only arthritis, but also of many other diseases.
It would be a too long list if I wrote all of them here, but if you want to know more about this “miracle mushroom”, click on this link:
Provailen rightProvailen Ingredients-Reishi, LingZhi (Wikipedia), or read
Provailen right detailed post about Reishi and how it works in Provailen.


Among other healing benefits, Reishi boost the immune system and even reduce the risks of cancer.
The major benefit of Reishi used in Provailen is its ability to reduce pain and inflammation in affected joints.

2. The second powerful ingredient is Tongkat Ali.

Provailen review - ingredientsIt acts as a traditional remedy for fatigue (common problem in all forms of arthritis). In some Asian countries that plant is well known as “the tree that heals a hundred diseases”.
Basically, in Provailen, Tongkat ALI is responsible for increases muscle growth and bone density to provide extra support to joints. In addition, Tongkat Ali also has a significant effect on increasing energy level.

3. The final ingredient is Capsaicin

Capsaicin is an active component of chili peppers. It is known as a powerful healing agent, and in Provailen capsaicin works in two ways:

  • helps your body absorb the other two ingredients
  • blocks pain by depleting or interfering with chemicals involved in transmitting pain impulses to the brain

Provailen right Here on ‘about com’ you can read more of the use of capsaicin in arthritis supplements in general.

With the combination of these three effective ingredients, Provailen focuses not only on treating the disease or symptoms but also works to eliminate the real cause of the problem. Provailen provides fast relief and can repair some of the damage, permanently restoring functionality to the joints with only a maintenance dosage of Provailen.

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Provailen vs. Other Arthritis Supplements

You probably know that most of the prescription as well as non prescription (OTC) arthritis supplements can cause serious implications for your health . Some of them can damage our internal organs or may have other serious effects. For example, NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) that are commonly used to treat arthritis symptoms can cause digestion problems, ulcers, headaches and dizziness, liver or kidney problems, high blood pressure or even more dangerous side effects. (Click here to find out more: Side effects of NSAID arthritis supplements.)
Also, just for example, read “Important Safety Informationhere on Celebrex website.
See my point?
This is why it is extremely important to be very cautious about the arthritis supplements you take.

How Is Provailen Different? Is Provailen Safe To Use?

Unlike these synthetic drugs, Provailen is made of 100% herbal, organic ingredients with high potency and safety. It is clinically proven and absolutely safe, even with the repeated or frequent use for long periods of time.

No risks of drug interactions

Being that Provailen is NOT A DRUG but an organic arthritis supplement, it can be safely taken along with any prescription or over the counter medication for arthritis. There are also no reports of toxicity or adverse effects that Provailen has caused.

Negative Sides of Provailen

It is possible that some people may experience initial reactions like itching, red dots on the skin, headache, and even diarrhea during the first few weeks of use of Provailen.
This is the body’s “healing response” as toxins are being cleaned out and flushed away. These symptoms vary from person to person and many people have no indication of any of them. Once the toxins are flushed away and the body becomes accustomed to the Provailen, the symptoms will go away.
Due to the fact that this product is in high demand at the moment, consumers may be limited to only one month supply.

At the moment Provailen is exclusively sold online and cannot be purchased from your local pharmacies or vitamin stores. However, if you are here, you are amongst the selected few who have the opportunity to buy Provailen online.

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How to Take Provailen & Dosage

You should start out with one pill a day and then increase to two or even three pills of Provailen if needed. Simple take Provailen with a full glass of water first day in the morning, and the next day take one pill in the morning and second in the evening.
You may be surprised to experience pain relief and significant improvement in the flexibility and functioning of joints within weeks or even days.

Check Out What Consumers Are Saying About Provailen!

Here you can read few testimonials of people like you and me, who tried Provailen.
More consumers experiences you can read on Provailen official website.
If you’ve already tried Provailen, here you can leave a testimonial and with your recommendation help others within their quest to fight arthritis.

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Run Again Without Pain

As I said on the beginning, I had a chance to try Provailen for myself for three months.
If you want to read a whole story about my personal experience with Provailen, please click the link bellow. It won’t be too long, I promise :)

My Personal Provailen Experience


I am 43 and fortunately I didn’t have a “real” arthritis, but “just” a damaged cartilage as a result of a tear in the joint on my right knee. I had chronic joint pain in the knee for a 5 or 6 years. My doctor (who is also my basketball friend) recommended me this new natural remedy while it was still in testing phase.

To be honest, I did not believe that some mushroom could give me the relief I needed. But to make long story short, after just a month of use I noticed a significant improvement in my knee, and after two months I could run again without pain and play basketball with my friends. I intended to stop using Provailen any longer, but the doctor recommended me to take it for one month more – to strenth my muscles and joints and to be sure that the problems and the pain will not come again.

joint pain remedyThis was five months ago. I haven’t had X-ray again so I’m not not sure what happened with the “tear” in my knee, but I know that I am not feeling the pain anymore.

Today Provailen is officially on the market and I decided to make this website (with a great help of my friend dr. Bernard Matievich) and want to present and recommend this “miracle pill” to you too.

I’m sure the Provailen is going to be very popular in no time, just I’m not sure if they will have enough mushrooms (lol) and other ingredients to make enough pills and keep a reasonable price.


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Provailen Prices & Provailen Discount

Provailen is not cheap, but you must keep in mind that it is going to do the job that it says it is going to do, unlike many other arthritis supplements. Unfortunately, there aren’t any special discount codes available at the moment. But for those of you who are looking to get more “bang for your buck”, you could opt for the larger package which gives you a massive discounts.!

Here is the breakdown of prices:

    • 1 Month Supply: The starting price for a single bottle (60 pills) is $59.95 

   NEW PRICE from Apr. 20th 2012 –>>  $49.95.

  • 2 Months Supply: Two months supply is going to cost $94.90. That means you get another bottle for $44.95 so you save $5!
  • 3 Months Supply: The price for 3 months supply is $149.85.
  • 6 Months Supply Unfortunately, due to high demand, 6-months option is not available anymore.

NEW OFFER! (Today is Apr. 20th 2012 and this is a time limited offer!)
At the moment you can grab 3 month package and get an additional package of Provailen FREE OF CHARGE! The price is the same as for regular 3 months supply: $149.85 for 4 packages of Provailen, so  you save $49.95 or 25 percent of the total price. This way you get Provailen at a really good price of $37.46 per package!

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My conclusion

If you or someone you love suffer from arthritis then you most likely know how disabling this disease is and how it can cause many problems in your day to day life. Many people find themselves saying no to things that they normally would say yes to simply because they are in too much pain or because they are too stiff to get out that day.

One of the best ways to get relief from arthritis is the use of Provailen which is an all natural arthritis supplement that will allow you to get the results that you want. The good thing about this product is that there are clinical trials that back up this product and it has worked for many others who suffer from the same problems that you suffer from.

This supplement works because of the unique blend of ingredients that is in it and has proven to be a solution that lasts for the long term. An another good thing about Provailen is that after your joints stop hurting and your stiffness is gone you no longer have to take the supplement.

My own experience with Provailen was great. I already recommended Provailen to several people, and I can warmly recommend it to anyone. Give it a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Where To Buy Provailen?

Provailen is not available in stores or pharmacies. There are few more review sites where you can find information of Provailen, but the only place where you can order and buy Provailen is it’s official website. This is also the place you can be sure you will get genuine Provailen and only place where you can get full money back guarantee.

Now’s Your Chance to Get Your Health Back – Take It!

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To Your Health,
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