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Arthritis And Physical Exercise

People usually believe that arthritis patients have to relax as much as possible and avoid exercising to avoid even more joint damage. Although it is true that certain types of arthritis could result in fatigue, there is no valid reason that patients with arthritis symptoms cannot be active and be involved in sports activities and physical exercise programs. It is very important and recommended to keep the joints moving and limbering, so some form of activity should be practiced every day. People who do not exercise may end up having stiff joints and muscles.

Arthritis Symptoms

Exercising not only reduces joint pain, but also improves joint flexibility; decreases muscle stiffness and increase strength, helps in reducing weight, and also help to improve a sense of well being. However, arthritis and other joint disease patients have to pay attention to their joints and make a good and healthy balance between rest and physical activity. If they notice negative effects of strenuous workout, such as uncommon or prolonged weakness, pain that lasts for several hours after training, decreased flexibility or joint swelling, they should be more cautious and modify their exercise program.

The most effective types of physical exercise for arthritis sufferers are:

  • Range-of-motions activities, for example yoga or stretching, to maintain or improve flexibility and decrease or eliminate joint stiffness. These types of exercise can be performed on a daily basis but not less than every other day.
  • Strengthening workouts, for example weight lifting, to increase muscle strength. Strengthening exercises has to be done three times a week, unless there is severe pain or swelling.
  • Aerobic exercises, such as swimming or cycling, to increase cardiovascular health and helps with weight reduction if needed. These exercises should be applied for 20-30 minutes every other day, except when there is intense pain or joints irritation.

People with arthritis symptoms who suffer from more pain may choose water exercises. The water buoyancy greatly reduce pressure and stress on the joints, which motivates people to make more movements, and also act as resistance and doing this help increase muscles strength.

Healthy eating habits are also very important to maintain optimal body weight. This is particularly important for those with arthritis symptoms, considering that additional weight increases the stress on the joints and can aggravate some types of arthritis. Getting rid of just a few pounds can relieve much of the joints pain.

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